Latest news

Improved layout for hydropower plant

TLS  presented the WGE Team with an improved design for the hydropower plant layout which is better fitted to the constraints of the site.
Community Energy Policy

Cambridgeshire adopt a community energy policy

On 16 March 2023, Cambridgeshire County Council formally adopted a Community Energy Policy.

Flow loggers installed

On 6 December, TLS Energy arranged for flow loggers to be installed on-site, upstream as near as possible to the input channel and downstream near to the output pipe.

New contractor announced

From 1 November 2022, WGE contracted with TLS Energy Consulting. They will work with us to complete the remaining funded work through to installation.

Hydro-electric catch-up meeting

On Wednesday 26 October from 8.15pm at Little Paxton Hub there will be a public meeting about our hydro-electric projects. This is your chance to find out how far we got with projects as well as an opportunity to chat with members of the team. We hope you can make it.

Annual General Meeting 2022

Join us for our second Annual General Meeting for members which will be on Wednesday 26 October 2022 from 7.15 pm at The Little Paxton Hub. You'll find out more about our Waterside Green Energy projects and chat with our members informally after the meeting. We hope to see you there.

Waterside Green Energy at Paxfest

Waterside Green Energy had a stand at Paxfest on Saturday. We met lots of people of all ages interested in our project.

What is a Charitable Community Benefit Society?

Why we chose to be a Charitable Community Benefit Society.

The journey so far

Waterside Green Energy was set up as a community cooperative in February 2020. Our purpose is to research possibilities for generating energy from renewable natural resources.

How does a Kaplan turbine work?

The Mill Lane sluice site on the River Great Ouse lends itself to hydropower generation in terms of water head and flow rate, site access, space and grid connection options.